360° of blue

infinity pool

Did I mention my favourite colour is blue? There is no better place than Santorini if yours is too.

Sitting at the infinity pool I can honestly tell you that, if Oia were a theatre and your goal were to seek the best seat in the house; Ducato Di Oia would be that centre seat, the ideal area, that isn’t too high and isn’t too low. It’s the perfect spot to settle down, sit and enjoy the Caldera. And if you want the box office well, they also have a bad ass rooftop you can access throughout your stay.

I’m wearing a black CK one-piece which I realise appears seemingly unfitting in a bright, beautiful place like this so also thrown on is a dusty pink suede cap and round yellow lens frames to add a pop of colour. All of which you can get your hands on below.


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