Happy Gal-entine’s!

It’s February! What? I’be been in Manchester for a year!

As you know, me and my office moved here about a year ago. Our home is a 2 bedroom, as much as I would have liked to have a dedicated room for my creative space, I wasn’t able to make it possible. We have 2 large front rooms downstairs and have decided to turn the larger room into an office shared between the two of us.

I still wanted to have my own space and thought about how I could make that possible without parking a 6ft tall room divider in between us.

I sourced a chevron monochrome rug to mark my ‘area’ and centred my desk on top. Underneath my desk is a Manolo Blahnik coffee table book, a Manolo shoe box and an autographed pair of Manolo Mary Jane’s.

Artificial flowers in a decorative vase are low maintenance and do well to brighten the your desk up. Place a reed diffuser to the left and you’ve officially ordained the ‘fake it till you make it’ diploma.

The real game changer here however, are the Desenio prints on my wall. Each one handpicked to inspire, motivate and illustrate my Monday to Friday, 9 till 5. It does tremendously well to create “the Ikea illusion”, that my office is in a room of its own despite only being yards away from my partners desk in reality.

There are hundreds of prints to choose from and honestly you could customise any creative space to make fit for its purpose and completely your own. Pinterest is a great tool for ideas if you’re a rookie like me.

The code CHERYLOFFLINE will give you 25% off art prints at between Tuesday 6th-13th February (*excluding handpicked + frames).

Which leads me to tell you guys, since I have moved from London to Manchester, I decided that it was high time that I changed my Instagram name. You will be able to find me on Instagram by searching @CherylLondon while the blog will remain unchanged.

That’s all in this week’s catch up! Stay tuned as my blog is taking a slightly different direction next week and I am super excited to share what I literally spent all January working on with you guys.


topshop outfit

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The idea of a brand new year often spurs us to win the most incredible achievements. We gain new hope and are given the opportunity to cease the first month of the year by re-planning and resetting new goals to ensure that it is better than the last..

The quote “a creative mind is like having 3572 tabs open” couldn’t ring more true.

My ideas is going a hundred miles per hour. Some of which are achievable, most of which are ambitious and many of which have no place in this world except for my imagination.

I have a new diary agenda to help me put these plans into motion. I promise that content will be better this year in terms of consistency, quality and originality.

I will be working with a number of photographers and videographers this year to allow myself to focus on creative input.

For me a new year is like a fresh page in a brand new notebook. It’s unwritten and how you choose to fill it is entirely up to you, the possibilities are certainly endless and that exciting thought is why I love this month so much.

My first outfit of the month is this varsity look. The entire outfit is from the same high street store from head to toe. Want to know where it’s from?

I’ve included the links below.


christmas gift guide

1. Crabtree & Evelyn White Cardamom Candle

Candles are a thoughtful way to say thank you to your colleagues at Christmas for their support this year, especially if you don’t know them well enough on a personal level to pick something out they’ll like. If they use it at their desk then you can both enjoy the scent together.

 christmas gifts for her

2. Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Bow Bracelet

5 years ago I was a Brand Specialist for Salvatore Ferragamo and saw 90+ of these sold a week leading up to Christmas to men buying gifts for their wives and girlfriends. Ferragamo’s signature Vara bow is featured on their shoes, bags and belts so if your partner already owns a Ferragamo accessory, then this will most certainly add to the set.

christmas gifts for him

3. Marshall Stockwell Portable Speakers

A gift for him that you can both enjoy. I love the way this speaker looks and it’s something that would not go unused yet we never think to buy for ourselves. A great present for brothers, boyfriends and Dads (once you teach them how to work Spotify).

winter skin care

4. BIODERMA Hydro Bio Masque

The cold Winter months can be harsh on our skin so skin care products are always a great gift to give around this time of the year. Especially if you’re buying for someone who already has everything. I have used this masque since September and my skin has had a glow for months. It really preps your skin for a dewey foundation look, if that is the look you are going for. My skin is extremely dry and this works really well for me.

beauty blogger brushes

5. Sigma Highlight and Contour 7 Brush Set

The brush set used by the Beauty Bloggers we know and love. A YouTube inspired makeup look isn’t complete without this set of tools. I don’t think I have ever watched a step -by-step tutorial where a Sigma brush hasn’t been mentioned. A great present for a sister or friend. fashion blogger influencer marketing

October was such a lovely month filled with fancy dress and halloween projects. Did you enjoy halloween? I for one was covered in Gypsy Shrine and dressed as a unicorn most of the time.

It took 3 weeks to get the glitter out of my carpet and I still keep finding bits in my car, on my bra and in my food. All of my halloween looks are on the gram if you’d like to see them.

All that pumpkin picking and pecan spiced latte ordering last month has left me feeling so Autumnal. My festive spirit and mood has echoed over to my wardrobe and I managed to obtain a couple of winning pieces like this dress from The dark colour-way and floral applique make this a great Autumnal piece and I feel like I think I could re-wear it during Summer due to its sheer fabric. Transitional pieces like these are key to keeping your wardrobe space to a minimum.

If you see anything you like on the site you can take 20% off with the code ISAWX5.