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I love this time of year as there is so much with Halloween and Guy Fawkes just passing, and Christmas and New Year just around the corner. A lot of wine to be drank that’s for sure. My daughter is just under two now and will be old enough to enjoy the festivities this time, so that must be the reason why I am extra excited this year.

On another note, some of you won’t know this, but James and I now live in Manchester. We moved out of our London flat and into a house, a place we could finally call home. We have more time together now, no more overtime or packed tube delays on the way home and the people are very friendly up north. We’re very happy and settled here away from the hustle and bustle in London. I now shop at the Farmer’s Market instead of Waitrose and make eye contact with strangers on my street, even wave to them sometimes (something Londoner’s just don’t do).

This year I have truly realised that it is the little things that make you happy. I bring little things home all the time to pep me up and it can be anything from bright florals to scented candles on the mantel to a glass of red wine by the fire.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home and opening a fresh bottle of wine. It’s like Christmas in a bottle during this time of the year and brings warmth into coming home. Since 1933, four generations of the Gallo family have created affordable, quality wines to be enjoyed during everyday wine moments. Gallo Family Vineyards offer a wide range of wines with flavours that pair nicely with all types of food. We both like our Gallo Merlot with a medium-rare steak which is what we’re having tonight.

We are about to toast to our future. To more box sets. To more chocolate. To more time at home and to more wine at home.
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Disclaimer: In collaboration with the Gallo Family Vineyards

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On|Off Presents returned to London Fashion Week once again with a presentation from three homegrown fashion labels.

CAPLANENTWISTLE  were up first with their SS18 Resort Collection ‘The Stranger’. A wonderful, nostalgic presentation of hand-painted denim and reworked plaid with references to Cher’s unforgettable number in the 90’s movie Clueless. This label is so wearable that I’d have worn the jacket out of the BFC show space then and there.

The duo behind this notable collection are Central St Martins class of 1999 graduates Emma Caplan and Adam Entwistle.

Remember the David Bowie, Blondie and AC/DC band tee on NET-A-PORTER everyone tried to get their hands on many years ago? These guys were behind that brand with cult label Buddhist Punk and now we’re loving band tee’s all over again getting our Buddhist Punk fix from retailers like ASOS. Their influence on today’s industry is still very much rock n roll, concluding their SS18 Ready to Wear show with a slogan tee that read ‘we are all colour here’.

Luke Anthony Rooney’s collection was not short of colour either but had a lighter narrative. The London based womenswear designer brought his love for experimenting with complex panelling back on the runway. Models walked on with silk shift dresses, defaced tailoring and frivolous swatches of colour on their faces. The tailored culottes with a stream of unexpected colour were a notable favourite of mine during this show.

Last but not least was Jack Irving’s larger than life SS18 display. Costume designer Jack Irving has had his pieces worn by Lady Gaga many times and draws inspiration from circus, theatre and the well acclaimed illuminations from his hometown Blackpool. Consequently, his SS18 collection serves as an example of this with a spectacle of theatrical blow-up attire. The inflatable pieces cage the human form in metallic and amplify his virtuosity, serving its ingenious purpose.

For more information about these designers head to:

And for more Fashion Week head over to my write up of Edeline Lee.

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Are you all ready for Halloween today?

I’d really like arrange something to enable us to celebrate together. I’ve heard that Season Two of Stranger Things has just been released and I loved the first season.

Three Mobile and the Binge Club is hosting a livestream by The Wall of Comedy to discuss the first half of the series. So join me, as I’d love to know your thoughts on favourite characters, what you think might happen next and how you feel about the story so far.

I know Halloween falls on a weekday this year, if you happen to be working then or out and about then you can binge on the go. In case you didn’t know, Three Mobile launched the Binge Club to allow their new and existing customers data free streaming wherever they go while using apps such as Netflix or SoundCloud. So you can stream on the tube heading home, during your lunch break at a coffee shop or like me at a park bench. However you do it, let’s do it together. Meet me on Halloween on The Wall of Comedy’s Facebook Live to discuss the series so far. See you at the upside down! #GoBinge

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I have just got back from London Fashion Week after 4 days of shows.

If you have never done Fashion Week it may seem like a fun and casual 5 days of sitting in shows. But in actual fact, the itinerary is quite full on with shows starting from 9am and dinner events and after parties ending as late as 2am. Most bloggers leave by Day 5 and as they retire so do the photographers who wait outside from as early as 7 daily hoping to capture a series of street style shots.

This season I stayed until the end to make my final show On | Off Presents, but did not begin the week until Day 2.

I wore a Balmain skirt with a Gucci blouse and Topshop boots. Also, I’ll let you in on a small secret. The key to surviving a week in boot heals is a good thick pair of Christmas socks or ski socks. See them peaking here at the top of the boot?

I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Stay tuned this month as I share the links to shop my looks for LFW and review some of my favourite shows.

Edeline Lee London Fashion Week

Edeline Lee SS18 is inspired by the late American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Following in her footsteps, Edeline travelled to New Mexico this season and became inspired by the concept of feminine courage. A trait that had a strong presence in both O’Keeffe’s artwork and personal life. 

The collection I saw earlier today, presented a series of abstracted, three dimensional shapes stacking onto dresses, sweatshirts and t-shirts – a theme which resonates with the O’keeffe iconography of flowers.

The most prominent feature in Edeline’s work this season are the knots and ties. The knots and ties sit deliberately on the hips, shoulder and waist to playfully exaggerate the female form.