Darling Harbour


When I first arrived in Sydney, I was terrified. I ventured out to a country I had never been before to embark upon my journey into the fashion world.

I had an internship within a Fashion PR firm and my 12 months living in Australia was busy and hectic.

Like Londoners, ‘Sydney-siders’ work hard, but also at the very same time, unlike us, they play harder. If I have learnt anything residing in Sydney it is to take some time out from the hectic city lifestyle to enjoy life. We all need a pause break, to take a moment to appreciate what is surrounding us in all its beauty.

There is life, and then there are those special moments you can recall in life that come few and far between.

We are always chasing our next steps to complete our lives; a promotion, deadlines, marriage, money, children. I promise you all, if you can take 5 minutes out of your day to stop and and look around, those moments will multiply.