Greetings from Santorini

Hey guys. I am currently writing to you from my desk in Santorini. This place is beautiful, peaceful, blue and white. I love coming to Greece because the Greeks are so friendly, but this is my first time in Santorini.

I am staying in Oia which is a 40 minute car ride away from the airport and Fira the capital. More about that town later!

Santorini has a lot of grape farms which means… lots of WINE! There is one particular local winery I have been told to visit called Santo Winery, I’m not at that part of my trip yet but I managed to find Santo Wine bottled at the local supermarket and hey it’s not bad!

Anyway, I didn’t fly 1,630 miles to sit indoors all day so I am going to get out there in the sun. Lord knows I need a tan.

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