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Happy Gal-entine’s!

It’s February! What? I’be been in Manchester for a year!

As you know, me and my office moved here about a year ago. Our home is a 2 bedroom, as much as I would have liked to have a dedicated room for my creative space, I wasn’t able to make it possible. We have 2 large front rooms downstairs and have decided to turn the larger room into an office shared between the two of us.

I still wanted to have my own space and thought about how I could make that possible without parking a 6ft tall room divider in between us.

I sourced a chevron monochrome rug to mark my ‘area’ and centred my desk on top. Underneath my desk is a Manolo Blahnik coffee table book, a Manolo shoe box and an autographed pair of Manolo Mary Jane’s.

Artificial flowers in a decorative vase are low maintenance and do well to brighten the your desk up. Place a reed diffuser to the left and you’ve officially ordained the ‘fake it till you make it’ diploma.

The real game changer here however, are the Desenio prints on my wall. Each one handpicked to inspire, motivate and illustrate my Monday to Friday, 9 till 5. It does tremendously well to create “the Ikea illusion”, that my office is in a room of its own despite only being yards away from my partners desk in reality.

There are hundreds of prints to choose from and honestly you could customise any creative space to make fit for its purpose and completely your own. Pinterest is a great tool for ideas if you’re a rookie like me.

The code CHERYLOFFLINE will give you 25% off art prints at between Tuesday 6th-13th February (*excluding handpicked + frames).

Which leads me to tell you guys, since I have moved from London to Manchester, I decided that it was high time that I changed my Instagram name. You will be able to find me on Instagram by searching @CherylLondon while the blog will remain unchanged.

That’s all in this week’s catch up! Stay tuned as my blog is taking a slightly different direction next week and I am super excited to share what I literally spent all January working on with you guys.

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