Let’s talk about sex baby

let's talk about sex baby

Last week I lost my 50 shades of Grey virginity and watched it for the very first time (I know, where have I been) and on the same week I gave that sexy London spot 23 Paul Street a visit.

The place oozes with sophistication and sexiness from its low lighting to its tasteful decor. It’s the type of house that I’m convinced is where high powered, living, breathing, existing Christian Grey’s in the city come out to play.

It is there where I met USA sex expert Megwyn Whyte who gave a small group of us a presentation and picked our brains on why sexual health is so important.

The most interesting fact I remember is that it can actually help introduce a wider variety of face expressions as you communicate. Of course, there’s also lowered blood pressure and stress reduction (you know, if you need an additional reason).

It was the launch party of Satisfyer who have finally landed here in the UK following a successful number of years in the states.

Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of sex toys. In my opinion, they over focus on creating kitschy products that resemble a male sexual organ and less on its purpose. And if you have a partner and he has the real Mccoy then it’s pretty redundant.

And what if you like girls? Why would you buy something that you’re quite possibly repulsed by?

This New York based company are pleasantly and surprisingly none of those things and focus their brand around health and wellness. Satisfyer have not let all the gimmick that comes along with the sex industry cloud their objective and set out to simply produce products that correlate with the female anatomy.

The Satisfyer Pro, their bestseller is practically contactless and requires no batteries and no physical insertion whatsoever. Yup, an innovative step away from 60’s kitsch that will not intimidate or emasculate your partner.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out their reviews in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Glamour Magazine here on their page. www.satisfyer.com

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