LFWM – London Fashion Week Men’s Day 4

LFWM London Fashion Week Men's

In 2016 we showed a ton of love for boyfriend jeans, bomber jackets and white sneakers, three things you could easily find in the men’s department. This begged me to question, why we draw a line across a shop floor that divides what we can shop and what we can’t shop? Don’t we all cross dress a little these days?

The only logical reason I can think of is sizing. Ever gone two sizes up before to get that oversized look? Yup, guilty.

If you have done so before too then you’ve already broken a rule and you’re already half way there.

Cross over to the the left side of the store marked “Topman”. I dare you.

Last week’s AW17 display at LFWM reminded me that I enjoy fashion in all its forms, even more so when it is strong, edgy, raw, unexpected and out of place. And so to me, a creative working hard to pull a look together in keeping with size, gender and popular culture is the equivalent of an artist colouring within the lines.

What do you think?


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