New Year. New Me. Do We Say This Every Year?


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The idea of a brand new year often spurs us to win the most incredible achievements. We gain new hope and are given the opportunity to cease the first month of the year by re-planning and resetting new goals to ensure that it is better than the last..

The quote “a creative mind is like having 3572 tabs open” couldn’t ring more true.

My ideas is going a hundred miles per hour. Some of which are achievable, most of which are ambitious and many of which have no place in this world except for my imagination.

I have a new diary agenda to help me put these plans into motion. I promise that content will be better this year in terms of consistency, quality and originality.

I will be working with a number of photographers and videographers this year to allow myself to focus on creative input.

For me a new year is like a fresh page in a brand new notebook. It’s unwritten and how you choose to fill it is entirely up to you, the possibilities are certainly endless and that exciting thought is why I love this month so much.

My first outfit of the month is this varsity look. The entire outfit is from the same high street store from head to toe. Want to know where it’s from?

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