what shoes to wear with straight leg jeans

What Shoes To Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

Don’t you just hate the office dress code smart/casual? What even is that?

I can wear jeans but a hoody is pushing it? I can wear jeans and a suit jacket? I should wear a pencil skirt with trainers?

If you’re not sure take a peek at what other employees are wearing when you arrive for your interview.

If in doubt, go for a straight leg jean. Why? Because the cut still resembles a standard pair of office trousers. Pair it with a plain logo-free top and voila smart/casual nailed down. But (and this is a tougher than it sounds) what should you wear on your feet?

Trainers are fine on a weekend but are too casual for a day at the office.

Stilettos are an overkill, unless it’s cocktail hour/a staff party I would leave those babies at home.

Also, have you ever tried a round toe shoe with straight leg jeans? Try it… They look like grandma’s ‘Hush Puppies’ right?

You want to be taken seriously, like you take pride in your appearance but not seriously enough for it to take priority over your role.

Enter pointy mules.

Straight leg jeans look neat with a slim point peaking underneath because the hem of your jeans will hang just above it rather than sit and slouch on your shoe.

Choose one with a kitten heal, it’s understated, comfortable enough to carry out day-to-day tasks and will lift the end of your jeans slightly off the ground to elongate your legs.

Both of the shoes featured here can be obtained below.