The sweater that will get you out of bed

pink sweater
The struggle is real you guys… It’s 6am and I can not bring myself to get out of bed. I stuck half an arm out of the cover to test the water, withdrew and decided it was too cold for anything to happen on January 22nd. Let’s just rip it out of the diary.
Picking an outfit is also a hurdle these days, as I opened my wardrobe with chattering teeth I quickly realised that I am seriously lacking in the sweater department.

It’s my fault and there is no one else to blame..

When I walk into a Zara store I can’t seem to help but feel drawn to buying that weather inappropriate camisole or sequin dress for a night out that will never come. Jumpers just don’t seem to stand out when I shop.

Recently though I scored this baby online, a fun 3 tiered sleeve pink sweater that adds plenty of character and personality to my outfit. The blush is a flattering colour on the skin tone and makes a pretty change from the grey and maroon hues we see so often over Autumn/Winter. Here I have team it with white cigarette trousers to keep it balanced.

If you see any similar jumpers that you think I might like, feel free to tag me via Instagram [@LabelsAndLondon]. My sleeveless, goose pimply arms will thank you for it.


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