Stranger Things Season 2

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Are you all ready for Halloween today?

I’d really like arrange something to enable us to celebrate together. I’ve heard that Season Two of Stranger Things has just been released and I loved the first season.

Three Mobile and the Binge Club is hosting a livestream by The Wall of Comedy to discuss the first half of the series. So join me, as I’d love to know your thoughts on favourite characters, what you think might happen next and how you feel about the story so far.

I know Halloween falls on a weekday this year, if you happen to be working then or out and about then you can binge on the go. In case you didn’t know, Three Mobile launched the Binge Club to allow their new and existing customers data free streaming wherever they go while using apps such as Netflix or SoundCloud. So you can stream on the tube heading home, during your lunch break at a coffee shop or like me at a park bench. However you do it, let’s do it together. Meet me on Halloween on The Wall of Comedy’s Facebook Live to discuss the series so far. See you at the upside down! #GoBinge

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