Fashion Interview with Glamour Magazine Editor Jo Elvin, Gok Wan, Dawn O'Porter and Mel C

Dawn O’Porter’s Fashion Interview with Glamour Magazine Editor Jo Elvin, Gok Wan and Mel C.

Last week I was at The Trampery with Dawn O’Porter, Gok Wan, Sporty Spice and Jo Elvin for Dawn’s podcast.

The 3 panellists gave us stories we could all relate, discussing personal style vs style in the public eye, recalling their fashion faux pas and speaking of the pieces in their closet that have too much sentiment to throw away.

While some of us look forward to a Sunday roast, Gok uses Sunday’s to plan his outfits for the week. And Mel C’s favourite outfit of all time? The Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and white jumpsuit she wore at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony with The Spice Girls of course!

Much of the comedy was provided by Gok that night who really opened up by sharing his most honest account of personal stories and style mishaps. I laughed so much that I forgot I was there to take notes so that I could get the Q&A’s for you lovely bunch. Lucky for you it’s all on Dawn O’Porter’s podcast ‘Go Get It’ so you can download it and have a listen.

I was invited by Morena Morena who sponsored the episode of Dawn’s podcast. Check out the British shoe brand’s ballerina flats HERE.

Morena Morena


next fashionnext shoesproject taxi

Next AW16 Fashion Preview

Last Thursday I had drinks with Next in Shoreditch to view their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

The focus was on our favourite accessory, shoes. And you’re going to love them guys, I saw lots of playful prints and metallics which is going to make dressing for cold weather so much fun.

Next have definetly upped their shoe game this season, with a strong collection and many fashion forward pieces. This is great for awkward feet like mine that need a half size and a wide-fit which most stores don’t do.

I wore the Lace-Up Pointed Kitten Heels from their current collection to the event and they were so comfortable that I only sat down when I needed to eat.

The food was served by bubble food which was both delicious and too pretty not to Instagram.

When shopping for shoes there are 4 stores I normally look to that immediately spring to mind and I’m not sure why but Next were never one of them. When I browsed their website I found quite a lot of wearable styles that I really liked, particularly from their Sport Luxe collection. Here is their website if you want to have a peak yourself. NEXT.

What do you think of the collection? I would love to know. Drop your comments below and make sure you follow my Instagram for more live access coverage to fashion parties and events like this one. @LabelsandLondon

crisp shirt

Crisp Shirt Days

Although I appreciate the polished and understated look carried out by plentiful style icons past and present, such as Grace Kelly and Victoria Beckham, I love it when something classic has unexpected and unconventional added elements.

I’m a creative soul, so I rarely colour within the lines when it comes to style and prefer quirky details over polished tailoring.

So in consequence, here I am wearing a poplin crisp shirt with ruffle sleeves, a bunny brooch and a neck tie.

And since we don’t all live on the runway, where there is a party at the top, you’ll want to balance it out with something simpler down below to make it a little more wearable in the office.

So, I am pairing this Russian blouse with my trusty Marc by Marc leathers and colour-block Chloe boots.

My full look can be shopped below.

paris-ss2011-christine-centenerachristine centenera christene-centenera_0christine-centenera-flat-sunglasses-600x400280A59A900000578-3056852-Style_icon_The_reality_TV_star_called_Christine_her_style_icon_f-a-3_1430101335469 Christine-Centenera-could-have-stopped-traffic-graphic-sheath   93413f90707a4693852e31ef9da0fa09  christine-centenerab186c125bcece6fc7e157adbf6ea38b6christine centenera

Amongst the many fashion icons out there Christine Centenera is my favourite icon for outfit inspo by a long way.

Although I enjoy watching the likes of Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn strut their stuff on the catwalk, a petite girl like me takes comfort in style stalking the likes of Christine Centenera and Miroslava Duma who prove time and time again that women under 5ft 6 can dress well without looking like they are drowning in material.

Centenera knows what works well with her frame and what doesn’t, if you’re a petite girl, here are 3 must-have items in your wardrobe to bring your styling game up to Centenera’s level.

1. Asymmetric skirt

2. Ankle Boots

3. A Structured Blazer

Shop the look below.


Lipsy London

Lipsy love Michelle Keegan

Fashion blogger

Michelle Keegan’s SS16 range for Lipsy London is finally here!

Lipsy ss16

Lipsy Michelle Keegan

faux fur coat



Last Thursday celebrated the launch of British actress Michelle Keegan’s Lipsy range.

Seen frequently in fashion magazines; her departure from Coronation Street not only meant the end of well-loved character Tina McIntyre but also marked the beginning of a budding career in the fashion industry.

I was lucky enough to attend the event and made my way past the crowd of photographers waiting for Michelle to arrive and stepped inside the beautiful Rosewood Hotel.

The set up was absolutely stunning in a large hall lit up with candles with a centre piece dripping in flowers and bite-size desserts.

Drinks were offered upon arrival and I was free to roam the hall viewing samples of Michelle’s designs.

Lipsy’s aesthetic is sexy, young and accentuates the curves, true to their word, it is no surprise they chose to collaborate with the Michelle who is no stranger to the red carpet.

They were my go-to brand during my freshman years at university, for every invited party and also throughout my serial dating days for that perfect ‘night out’ dress, the type that we never seem to stock in our wardrobes on the night we need it most.

So being familiar with the brand, I was expecting to see an array of dresses. I was pleasantly surprised however, to learn that Michelle has created a range of faux fur coats, intentionally designed to look glam enough to pair with your favourite dress under the cold British whether.


Lipsy’s new fragrance ‘Caged Dream’ made lovely looking ornaments around the table, a sweet little novelty item for the bedroom whether the bottle is half full or entirely empty.

While I was admiring the floral, sweet smell of ‘Caged Dream’ I got chatting to Steve Mallett from Curtis PLC, the man behind the packaging and design of Lipsy’s new fragrance. Here is a snap of us both at the event.


lipsy press fashion blogger cheryl chan

For the event I wore a lace Lipsy top from Michelle Keegan’s AW15 range paired with Marc by Marc Jacobs leather pants. I was able to catch Michelle for a quick chat who told me that she almost wore the same thing!

Michelle was lovely and seemed excited to celebrate the launch and hear everyone’s thoughts of her new collection.



Michelle Keegan and Labels and London blogger Cheryl Chan


Flowers   Drinks at Lipsy

Others who attended included Made in Chelsea stars Stephanie Pratt, Louise Thompson and Ashley James.

Their outfits photographed below courtesy of Justin Goff and Andy Barnes.

2DA4039100000578-0-image-m-67_1445460120537 2DA465CE00000578-0-image-a-64_1445459867070 2DA41C6F00000578-0-image-a-46_1445458486321

Here are my three favourite looks from Michelle’s range. Click on your favourite to browse Lipsy’s website or drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts of the collection.