being a new mum it's hard

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It’s my second day here in Santorini and I am staying at Ducato Di Oia. This place pretty much does the best breakfast (sorry mum) and i’m sharing it with this lucky one out there on his yacht. [Cheers to you yacht guy].

There are private yachts out here for hire that will take you from Oia to Red Beach with a stop off at the volcano which is I am told has hot springs and is also currently active. I haven’t made plans to do that yet but today is only my first full day so today I am just going to sit here and soak up that glorious sun before planning my out my stay.

I’m wearing a gingham overall dress (live in overalls by the way) and a bell sleeve top to soften the overall look up for summer. You guys know how much I love that texture! Don’t be afraid to mix checker with polka dot by the way; mixing print is 2018’s predicted trend.

So, for those of you who don’t know, I became a mother last year and it has been truly exhausting. I didn’t particularly enjoy the pregnancy stage either. I thought I would be glowing and would have lovely dewey skin but no. I had crappy hair that was very brittle and straw-like and I had more spots than I remember having during my teenage years.

Once she was born I pretty much spent 12 months in a dressing gown, like who has time to get dressed when they have a baby? Months passed and my confidence started to crack. I cared very little about my appearance and own well-being (yep wearing a dressing gown for 12 months can do that to you).

Anyway, I am not sure whether it’s been down to the sun or due to the beautiful breakfast I woke up to this morning but this is the best I have felt in two years. And look, my hair is tidy and I am wearing clothes, actual clothes! (Yes I expect an applause).

New mums, I strongly recommend leaving your little bundle of joy with the grandparents for seven days and taking a well-earned break. It has definetley been the reset button I needed and by the time I am done here I will be fully recharged and ready to get shit done.