Fashion Interview with Glamour Magazine Editor Jo Elvin, Gok Wan, Dawn O'Porter and Mel C

Dawn O’Porter’s Fashion Interview with Glamour Magazine Editor Jo Elvin, Gok Wan and Mel C.

Last week I was at The Trampery with Dawn O’Porter, Gok Wan, Sporty Spice and Jo Elvin for Dawn’s podcast.

The 3 panellists gave us stories we could all relate, discussing personal style vs style in the public eye, recalling their fashion faux pas and speaking of the pieces in their closet that have too much sentiment to throw away.

While some of us look forward to a Sunday roast, Gok uses Sunday’s to plan his outfits for the week. And Mel C’s favourite outfit of all time? The Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and white jumpsuit she wore at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony with The Spice Girls of course!

Much of the comedy was provided by Gok that night who really opened up by sharing his most honest account of personal stories and style mishaps. I laughed so much that I forgot I was there to take notes so that I could get the Q&A’s for you lovely bunch. Lucky for you it’s all on Dawn O’Porter’s podcast ‘Go Get It’ so you can download it and have a listen.

I was invited by Morena Morena who sponsored the episode of Dawn’s podcast. Check out the British shoe brand’s ballerina flatsĀ HERE.

Morena Morena