This morning I had the honour of meeting Yana Markova in London for an interview. The international Milliner received much praise at Cannes Film Festival for her costume design and I wanted to interview her to find out more.  Each of Markova’s pieces are bold and statement, so much so that they dominate an entire outfit. As a result, Markova has successfully managed to make headdress a core element of a wearer’s outfit; reversing the role of apparel as it takes a step back into it’s new role, functioning as nothing more than a minor accessory. Interestingly all Yana Markova pieces are handmade with a “one copy only” policy, read on to see what else I found out during this exclusive interview…

Hello Yana, welcome to London. Can you tell us how your journey began? What first sparked your interest in millinery couture and costume design?

Thank you! I made designs for all accessories categories: shoes, bags, jewellery. The one category I never did was headpieces so I decided to give it a try.

What is the manufacturing process of each headdress? 

Each headdress is made entirely by hand. I try to buy materials in each country that I travel to. I try to present to the viewer a variety of materials and shades of cultures. I do not have a production team. Every one of my headpieces I make myself. However, if I use new technologies, then of course I turn to specialists

Your pieces are very theatrical, where do find inspiration for a majority of your creations?

Cultural traditions from different countries, new technology and new materials all inspire me very much.

You received praise at the Cannes Film Festival for your costume design for Mata Hari television series. If you could design for any television series, which television series would that be?

For today, of course it would be ‘Game of thrones’.

Can you share your favourite headpiece with us and explain why this is your favourite piece? 

I change my mind all the time. To choose a favourite one is very difficult for me, like for any artist, because I spend a lot of time in the creation process with each of them, so they are all very personal and have special meaning for me.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be?

John Galliano

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

A few things – creating headpieces shown on-screen at Cannes, sending some of my work to Lady Gaga for a fashion video and I’m really excited to have some of my pieces on the upcoming spring/summer 2018 catwalk over London Fashion Week and on David Ferreira’s catwalk show in Lisbon and some of my work is coming out in Russian Vogue and a host independent magazines soon!

What are the three pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe?

A turban, a tiara and a dramatic hat.

What is your opinion on British Fashion?

British fashion is very bold and creative, in contrast to the fashion of Italy or France.

Finally, If you could give a young aspiring designer one piece of advice, what would that be?

Follow your passion; have faith in your talent!

Yana Markova

Photography Credit: Ekaterina Belinskaya, Ilya Benton, Lev Efimov

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This month I had an interview with Fashiola which I can finally share with you guys. It was great fun and gave me a great opportunity to share with you all my styling tips and tricks, my favourite trends this season, my fashion blunders as well as my favourite pieces from Fashiola. Here’s a sneak peak…

– read the full interview here

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fashiola, they’re a fashion search engine. Call it fashion google if you like. If you’ve never used this before allow me explain…

Ever been so inspired by an outfit circulating around Pinterest and gone on an impulsive hunt to put that look together?

or admired someone walking along the street wearing a coat you wish you could rip right off their back but didn’t have the courage to ask where it was from?

Well it’s a pretty useful tool to track those items down. As I’d mentioned in my interview, I draw inspiration from all kinds of things; celebrities, music videos, Pinterest and unfortunately they don’t always come with tidy footnotes pointing you in the direction of how you can get your hands on it; nor do I have the time to scout every single high street store for ‘Kim Kardashian’s camel coat’. So I instead I type ‘camel coat’ into Fashiola’s search engine for a full list of results from all the stores on one single site.

I recently found out that her plush [yet very expensive coat] is from MaxMara which I couldn’t afford after all the effort, but what it did help me find was an alternative from stores such as Mango, ASOS and Zara.

attachment-2kim_kardashian_max_mara_camel_coat_paris_fashion_weelScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 00.37.00

If you like my style, Fashiola have been kind enough to put together a ‘Get the look’ inspired by a previous post of mine. Again, you can check this out here

I do try my best to list my garments in my footnotes with direct web links to help you find them but if you do have any questions about what I wear you are always welcome to comment below. I love reading your comments and hearing from you all, tomorrow I’m going replying to you all so get you Q & A’s in 🙂

– Labels and London