Happy Gal-entine’s!

It’s February! What? I’be been in Manchester for a year!

As you know, me and my office moved here about a year ago. Our home is a 2 bedroom, as much as I would have liked to have a dedicated room for my creative space, I wasn’t able to make it possible. We have 2 large front rooms downstairs and have decided to turn the larger room into an office shared between the two of us.

I still wanted to have my own space and thought about how I could make that possible without parking a 6ft tall room divider in between us.

I sourced a chevron monochrome rug to mark my ‘area’ and centred my desk on top. Underneath my desk is a Manolo Blahnik coffee table book, a Manolo shoe box and an autographed pair of Manolo Mary Jane’s.

Artificial flowers in a decorative vase are low maintenance and do well to brighten the your desk up. Place a reed diffuser to the left and you’ve officially ordained the ‘fake it till you make it’ diploma.

The real game changer here however, are the Desenio prints on my wall. Each one handpicked to inspire, motivate and illustrate my Monday to Friday, 9 till 5. It does tremendously well to create “the Ikea illusion”, that my office is in a room of its own despite only being yards away from my partners desk in reality.

There are hundreds of prints to choose from and honestly you could customise any creative space to make fit for its purpose and completely your own. Pinterest is a great tool for ideas if you’re a rookie like me.

The code CHERYLOFFLINE will give you 25% off art prints at between Tuesday 6th-13th February (*excluding handpicked + frames).

Which leads me to tell you guys, since I have moved from London to Manchester, I decided that it was high time that I changed my Instagram name. You will be able to find me on Instagram by searching @CherylLondon while the blog will remain unchanged.

That’s all in this week’s catch up! Stay tuned as my blog is taking a slightly different direction next week and I am super excited to share what I literally spent all January working on with you guys.

Gallo Wines hello gallo hello front door

I love this time of year as there is so much with Halloween and Guy Fawkes just passing, and Christmas and New Year just around the corner. A lot of wine to be drank that’s for sure. My daughter is just under two now and will be old enough to enjoy the festivities this time, so that must be the reason why I am extra excited this year.

On another note, some of you won’t know this, but James and I now live in Manchester. We moved out of our London flat and into a house, a place we could finally call home. We have more time together now, no more overtime or packed tube delays on the way home and the people are very friendly up north. We’re very happy and settled here away from the hustle and bustle in London. I now shop at the Farmer’s Market instead of Waitrose and make eye contact with strangers on my street, even wave to them sometimes (something Londoner’s just don’t do).

This year I have truly realised that it is the little things that make you happy. I bring little things home all the time to pep me up and it can be anything from bright florals to scented candles on the mantel to a glass of red wine by the fire.

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home and opening a fresh bottle of wine. It’s like Christmas in a bottle during this time of the year and brings warmth into coming home. Since 1933, four generations of the Gallo family have created affordable, quality wines to be enjoyed during everyday wine moments. Gallo Family Vineyards offer a wide range of wines with flavours that pair nicely with all types of food. We both like our Gallo Merlot with a medium-rare steak which is what we’re having tonight.

We are about to toast to our future. To more box sets. To more chocolate. To more time at home and to more wine at home.
#HelloGallo #HelloFrontDoor

Disclaimer: In collaboration with the Gallo Family Vineyards

Three UK Stranger Things Blogger

Are you all ready for Halloween today?

I’d really like arrange something to enable us to celebrate together. I’ve heard that Season Two of Stranger Things has just been released and I loved the first season.

Three Mobile and the Binge Club is hosting a livestream by The Wall of Comedy to discuss the first half of the series. So join me, as I’d love to know your thoughts on favourite characters, what you think might happen next and how you feel about the story so far.

I know Halloween falls on a weekday this year, if you happen to be working then or out and about then you can binge on the go. In case you didn’t know, Three Mobile launched the Binge Club to allow their new and existing customers data free streaming wherever they go while using apps such as Netflix or SoundCloud. So you can stream on the tube heading home, during your lunch break at a coffee shop or like me at a park bench. However you do it, let’s do it together. Meet me on Halloween on The Wall of Comedy’s Facebook Live to discuss the series so far. See you at the upside down! #GoBinge

FB link :


blogger desk fashion coconut lane

Hi guys, it’s finally Friday, it took us a while but we got here in the end. I’m opening this post with a picture I took on Monday before absolutely throwing myself onto a mountain of work (which I still have loads to do) and ending it with a cute Friday night dress and the quite possibly, sassiest phone case you will ever be able to get your hands on.

I’ve been all over the shop these last two weeks, back and forth from London doing various things which you will soon be able to see here on the blog. It’s always so crazy before fashion week, honestly I feel like all year it’s quiet and then the months leading up to fashion week, BAM all the press shows, all the campaigns, all the networking events and product launches come at once.

When I feel overwhelmed by things as well, everything comes to a holt.

I just lose my focus. Currently Love Island is on which doesn’t help at all, I was in London for a while so when I came back, oh my god, I just binged watched 5 episodes even though I had heaps and heaps of work to do.

Sorry international readers, but Kem coming in with Chyna? that is MUGGY!

Anyway, I am trying to get my fitness back on track (again, this may or may not also have something to do with Love Island) so this weekend I am going to hit the gym. I’ve got my whey protein, my IBCAA+  and other things which I hope are going to work miracles. If they don’t then I’m just going to have to get a refund because I definitely ordered ‘slim’ at the counter, not ‘mum-tum’ and ‘second chin’.

On a happy Friday end note, I have a discount code at the moment for Coconut Lane so if you like anything in these two pictures then you can use my code “labelsandlondon20′ for 20% off. That includes my phone case, my sunglasses also worn by Amber on Love Island and the notebook.

They have some really cute desk stuff, so go check them out.

love island

buzzoole code

let's talk about sex baby

Last week I lost my 50 shades of Grey virginity and watched it for the very first time (I know, where have I been) and on the same week I gave that sexy London spot 23 Paul Street a visit.

The place oozes with sophistication and sexiness from its low lighting to its tasteful decor. It’s the type of house that I’m convinced is where high powered, living, breathing, existing Christian Grey’s in the city come out to play.

It is there where I met USA sex expert Megwyn Whyte who gave a small group of us a presentation and picked our brains on why sexual health is so important.

The most interesting fact I remember is that it can actually help introduce a wider variety of face expressions as you communicate. Of course, there’s also lowered blood pressure and stress reduction (you know, if you need an additional reason).

It was the launch party of Satisfyer who have finally landed here in the UK following a successful number of years in the states.

Truthfully, I’ve never been a fan of sex toys. In my opinion, they over focus on creating kitschy products that resemble a male sexual organ and less on its purpose. And if you have a partner and he has the real Mccoy then it’s pretty redundant.

And what if you like girls? Why would you buy something that you’re quite possibly repulsed by?

This New York based company are pleasantly and surprisingly none of those things and focus their brand around health and wellness. Satisfyer have not let all the gimmick that comes along with the sex industry cloud their objective and set out to simply produce products that correlate with the female anatomy.

The Satisfyer Pro, their bestseller is practically contactless and requires no batteries and no physical insertion whatsoever. Yup, an innovative step away from 60’s kitsch that will not intimidate or emasculate your partner.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out their reviews in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Glamour Magazine here on their page.

satisfyer sex toys


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