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13 shows, 2 presentations, 3 dinners, 4 parties and a broken suitcase later and I am back having survived full on fashion week. London is my favourite city for fashion week, not only is it my hometown but it also houses plenty of applaudable homegrown talent.

On Day 2 I was lucky enough to hang backstage with the models and MUA’s of Paul Costelloe’s LFW show. I had planned to publish Day 1-4 with you consecutively but this is one post I couldn’t wait to share with you guys as it was quite possibly my favourite day during fashion week.

The fashion world is often misunderstood by those on the outside who only see the industry through back pages of OK magazine capturing socialites at parties, glossy editorial and Hollywood entertainment like ‘The Devil wears Prada’.

It’s an industry that paints a glamourous picture of those who are alien to most, a world of the elite and filthy rich, filled with superficials who are assumed to be out of touch with the real world having been dealt a good hand in life.

This post will hopefully give you an insight of a hard working industry that is full of real people who dedicate themselves to their profession and don’t take life too seriously. Captured in these images are models who held their composure for their co-workers in the midst of chaos and a relentless line-up of wardrobe changes, run-throughs and cosmetic touch-ups smiling, being playful and enjoying the day.

Paul Costelloe, the father of fashion portrayed a better example than most of how humble industry professionals can be even those as long serving and deeply talented as himself. During an important run through of formulated models marching the runway Paul danced, clapped and twirled a model by the hand celebrating the finish line of a long period of hard work and dedication. A strong compilation of creations that he and his team had spent months working tirelessly on.

As expected, his designs outpaced others within the tailoring division. A stunning vision of artistic creations that featured wide lapels and voluminous balloon sleeves counterbalancing cutting edge tailoring that clinched the waist.

After the run through the models were greeted by a team of make-up artists and hair stylists ready to touch up their looks before the show.

Head of makeup was Yin-Lee, a high spirited professional with an artistic flair and copious attention to detail. She lead a team of AOFM Pro MUA’s who administered the beauty aspect of Paul Costelloe’s catwalk. The artists used Rituals cosmetics to create a natural look with a flawless finish. The striking component was created using a crimson eye pencil over the eyelid which I am dying to try out myself.

To those aspiring to break into the industry I hope this post offers you some comfort and also the courage to openly network with those in the industry. Ask lots of questions and be pro-active, everyone from the makeup team to the Designer are a reminder to us all that only with strenuous dedication and q a good working attitude are we able to let our talents shine.

Makeup by: AOFM Pro

Hair by: Label M

Costume by: Paul Costelloe