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October was such a lovely month filled with fancy dress and halloween projects. Did you enjoy halloween? I for one was covered in Gypsy Shrine and dressed as a unicorn most of the time.

It took 3 weeks to get the glitter out of my carpet and I still keep finding bits in my car, on my bra and in my food. All of my halloween looks are on the gram if you’d like to see them.

All that pumpkin picking and pecan spiced latte ordering last month has left me feeling so Autumnal. My festive spirit and mood has echoed over to my wardrobe and I managed to obtain a couple of winning pieces like this dress from The dark colour-way and floral applique make this a great Autumnal piece and I feel like I think I could re-wear it during Summer due to its sheer fabric. Transitional pieces like these are key to keeping your wardrobe space to a minimum.

If you see anything you like on the site you can take 20% off with the code ISAWX5.


travel wardrobe

How I Style On Vacation

Soft shades and flowing shapes make a romantic recipe for the idealistic travel wardrobe in Europe.

Ironically, this is the only time of the year I take a break away from trends. A vacation away from fast fashion if you will. The inner contents of my suitcase is often white, lace and classic. Timeless and traditional like the white washed buildings that are present year in year out.

We did a lot of hiking on this trip and if you are an explorer by foot then it is a good idea to carry lightweight pieces that will not restrict your movement.

Floor length maxi-dresses look incredibly dreamy in the evening but rompers are the next best day time garment without tripping over yards of fabric.

Here are a few favourites of mine, all of which are available to shop now. Happy browsing!

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Eyes created using Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision

Lip created using a blend of Max Factor Colour Elixir in ‘raisin’ and Honey Lacquer in ‘indulgent coral’

You may have caught my playful video on Instagram wearing this baby in a rock, paper, scissor challenge with my followers.

swatch watch

I have only ever owned 2 watches in my life, a Pokemon one when I was 6 and an impressive but clunky rose gold one when I turned 21. I like the idea of a watch, my wrist feels and looks bare without one but the moment the occasion has ended and I’m back home in my comfort zone, I feel as eager to take it off as I am about swapping my stilettos for slippers.

Prior to purchasing a watch I would advise you to consider it’s weight very carefully because even the most ostentatious timepiece can feel like an iron shackle by the end of the night.

I needed a lightweight watch for my travels, one I could hike in, style outfits with and also wear in hot sticky unbearable heat, so I picked up one from the new SKIN range by Swatch. The overall depth of the face is impressively thinner than the button battery embedded inside. If you have one then you probably found yourself running your fingers along the strap unboxing it for the first time as the strap has a surprisingly distinct luxurious silk touch.

What’s more is how easy it is to forget that you’re even wearing a watch. It’s sporty and light airy feel make it a watch I can travel with in sticky sweltering heat and will not interrupt with my daily movement.

It is so important to choose a watch that fits with your lifestyle so I would advise you to shop with your daily habits in mind. Fortunately this misty rose beauty ticks all of my boxes.

Check out the full Swatch range here to begin your search.