kylie jenner belt
Hey guys I thought I’d share this look with you as the waist belt is currently only £8 in the sale.

Known as the Kylie Jenner belt it clinches your waist in all the right places bringing your hips out and your chest forward.

I’ve styled it with a plain white t-shirt, most of you will probably have one in your wardrobe somewhere but just in case you don’t I have put the link to one below.

I would advise buying oversized so it’s just long enough to cover the goods at the back.

 87 year old Fred does not need to see your arse catching the 419 bus…

Unless you spent all winter working hard on your squats in which case crack on.

next summer collectionfashion blogger travelNext are killing it with their Summer Collection and many of you have been asking where this two piece is from. I wore this set in Santorini and the patterned print fits so well with the colour scheme of the island itself that you’d think I purchased it there. But it’s actually from a UK Next Store. It’s lightweight which is perfect for sweltering heat and 50kg pushing on 60 luggage (lookin’ at you girls!)

If you have a getaway planned ahead then check out their goods. My sunglasses are also from Next which I wore throughout the press trip.

travel blogger

oia to fira coastal hikebackpacker travel blog

This morning we ate our breakfast outside our little cave and set off on a coastal hike. The hike is from Oia to the capital city of Fira (or ‘Thira’ as the Greeks might say). 

The first hour of the hike is a steep incline so you will need a cold bottle of water and some inner will power to get you through it. But, you’re only an hour in so you should be in high spirits eager to see the sights.

Ahh the sights. No viewpoint is the same and throughout your hike you will see the caldera and the island from a different perspective. 

In 2 hours you should arrive at Imerovigli. This is a small village known to be the best spot on the island to watch the Santorini sunset go down. 

There are rows of whitewashed hotel backyards with unrestricted views of the caldera. The village is quiet compared to Oia so I wouldn’t stay there but if you are looking for a vacation to escape everything including tourists then this might be the ideal location for you. 

If you set off in the morning then you should be feeling hungry with lunch time looming. You’ll find a cafe there where many hikers stop for a rest. It isn’t fancy, so you can go in in your hiking shorts sweating from the head down without feeling uncomfortable. 

Once you’ve rehydrated, head south and Fira should be your next town.

Fira. Wonderful, beautiful, Fira. I’ll save that story for another post. 

infinity pool

Did I mention my favourite colour is blue? There is no better place than Santorini if yours is too.

Sitting at the infinity pool I can honestly tell you that, if Oia were a theatre and your goal were to seek the best seat in the house; Ducato Di Oia would be that centre seat, the ideal area, that isn’t too high and isn’t too low. It’s the perfect spot to settle down, sit and enjoy the Caldera. And if you want the box office well, they also have a bad ass rooftop you can access throughout your stay.

I’m wearing a black CK one-piece which I realise appears seemingly unfitting in a bright, beautiful place like this so also thrown on is a dusty pink suede cap and round yellow lens frames to add a pop of colour. All of which you can get your hands on below.

orange is the new black

Orange is the new black. No I’m not talking fashion terminology, today I want to ask you guys about boxsets!

It’s almost the weekend again and the first thing I do when I finish work on a Friday is head to a nearby store and fill my basket with popcorn, gummy bears and a lot of fizzy pop. This ensures that my boyfriend and I are well equipped for a cozy night of TV show marathons. We are currently watching The Walking Dead (eenie meenie minie mo) which I love and we are also huge fans of Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black and Peaky Blinders.

Our Netflix obsession began straight after Breaking Bad but there hasn’t been a show quite like it since. I want to ask you about your favourite boxsets and if there are any that you think I might like.

 I like a show with a strong female character by the way. None of this damsel in distress nonsense.

Know a good show? Drop me a comment to let me know.

As always if you like my outfit, links to shop are below.