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Hey guys – I’m in Bristol for 3 weeks, this is where my parents live and I love coming back here. My mum always kits her fridge out by filling it with Cheesestring and Pepperami and my fridge is always empty so I love her for this. Remember school lunch box days? Well, she pretty much continued buying Monster Munch and Sunny Delight right up to age 28.

Bristol is Britain’s urban side and is also allegedly the home of Banksy, filled with street art and festivals. If you’re hoping to visit the capital hoping to get an Insta-worthy shot of the colourful houses at Notting Hill, Bristol has rows of them sitting pretty on a cliff top overlooking Clifton suspension bridge. So, international readers, make sure you visit this city as well as London.

I’m wearing my Levis 501 jeans here to match my denim hair. Oh and [LIFE HACK] I’m also wearing thermals under my ‘maybe baby’ sweater because yes England is that cold. And my textured jacket is currently on sale! All links are below so you can shop.






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Do you ever wonder why we often wake up and say “I nothing to wear” with a wardrobe full of clothes? Mid-season is often the time of year my clothes begin to appear a little tired and over worn.

You’ve loved them, washed them, worn them, styled and restyled them and now not only have they lost their sparkle but they’re also a little on the dull side.
A lot of people think we need to buy new clothes to remain stylish and keep up with current trends but replenishing on a regular basis is not the answer and won’t do your pursestrings any good. A great bag however, can help give your old favourite pieces a little sass and put the spotlight back on your overall look.

For example, if you’re often seen in black attire you can pick a bright bag to add a pop of colour to your look, the contrast will turn heads without you having to alter your personal style. Are you with me?
Shop with me below.

monogram vs monochrome

Are we still obsessing over Monogram and Monochrome?

Monochrome. A fool-proof formula for Parisians, chic minimalists, Karl Lagerfeld, Cruella De-Vil and even non-fashion folk that’s sharp and always relevant despite ever-changing seasonal trends.

Monogram. A bespoke touch to your favourite accessory, like a signature below a painting. It allows us to put a stamp on our well thought out and considerably executed personal style.

What makes up your winning Monogram/Monochrome formula? Marble accessories? Sharp suiting? Gold lettering? Share your opinion with us in the comments below as we would love to know. 

Skirt: Ivy Revel

Can we just take a minute to appreciate Public Desire? Serious boot love going on.

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When I was in college I had Blondie on repeat and I was obsessed with a song by The Stone Roses called ‘She Bangs the Drums’. Debbie Harry was my style icon and at the time also my screensaver.

My music and style preference has since broadened but the 80’s still inspires me.

Today I am the love child of Danny Zuko and Madonna. The Black Swan movie is somewhere in there also.

I’m wearing a Maje leather jacket, crisp white ASOS shirt and Maje tulle skirt.

Tulle skirts are currently back and can be pretty difficult to style, if you overthink it. But they pair perfectly with a loose tee and a leather jacket.

If you don’t already have the two in your wardrobe then where have you been? Stocking the basics right means that you can style whatever fast fashion throws at you. So get them stocked up!

Oh and meet my fringe.