Each week I am going to post my WCW as well as women who influence and inspire me.

I am a supporter of the heforshe campaign and it makes me sad that girls compete against one another rather than aspire to be like one another.

I am a firm believer that one woman is another woman’s hero meaning that if you are unhappy with your curly locks, your ‘bossy’ personality or your curvy figure because it makes you different from everybody else, there is a fellow female out there who wishes she had those qualities or something else that you might just be missing, such as your naturally tanned olive skin, your ability to delegate or your insane snowboarding skills.

So, without further a do here is my first WCW of the week.



Jasmine Sanders from New York.

I would love to be able to pull off those blonde curly locks. This beaut shot has been captured by NYC fashion photographer William Lords.

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