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How to effectively layer up and stay warm this winter

A turtle neck long-sleeved knit will save your life this winter. Make it your wardrobe staple. Your tank top in the summer. You can layer it with just about anything, a sleeveless gilet, a longline blazer or just a simple trench coat. And the great thing about it is on a really cold day you can cheat and wear 3, 4, 5 or however many layers you so wish underneath the turtle neck without looking like Joey Tribbiani. If you are going for 5 base layers then opt for a black turtle neck to tuck in your silhouette then add a loose gilet as a final touch to conceal it. They’ll never know!


My love affair with thermal leggings begun when I went on my first ski trip to Kitzbuhel, Austria. When I brought them home from the shops I didn’t understand them, they were just an item on a checklist of things I had to pack before leaving. As soon as I arrived it made perfect sense, I had wrongly anticipated what I’d be wearing by packing 8 of my warmest pair trousers. Truthfully, all I needed was 1 pair of thermal leggings and my salopettes. Why? because these light-weight leggings (often made from merino wool), trap your body heat and act as a good insulator so there is no cool air circulating your skin. Now I find it difficult to part from them.


In this outfit I am wearing them underneath a pair of black CK trousers. Could you tell? Again, I have opted for black trousers as a cover up.

When I left school I vowed to never wear black trousers ever again, shortly after I got a job as a part time waitress and everyday I put them on with resentment whilst a thought crossed my mind that I may wear black trousers for the rest of my life. I finally hung them up of course when received an unconditional offer to study Advertising at university.

It wasn’t up until last year when I was gifted with a pair that I begun wearing them again, I see now how versatile they can be and don’t know how I managed to ban them from my wardrobe for 6 yrs. If like me you associate them with work trousers I can teach you how to dress them up with just a few simple tips and tricks.

1. Black trousers can look dull, spice them up with a layer of knee high leather boots to add character without affecting the overall outfit.

2. Dress it up with a cut out crop top, opt for black high-waist trousers so you don’t feel self-conscious. It will tuck away your silhouette and give you a slender look

3. Monochrome – have fun with it. Monochrome has dominated the runway and the streets of New York and London since AW13. Play around with block coloured knits, grid print blazers and white waist coats.


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    So much love for that Givenchy bag! It’s beautiful

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